A Collective Exhibition -- November 2013
A group of like-minded, independent art groups currently active in Philadelphia, have come together for the CITYWIDE project. Through CITYWIDE, these groups will unify Philadelphia's artist-run collectives in a multi-gallery month-long exhibit. Throughout November 2013, more than twenty collectives will participate in an exchange of exhibitions, ideas and practices. The multi-venue exhibit was located in different neighborhoods throughout the city. Although November 2013 has come and gone, CITYWIDE collaborations and partnerships continue to develop.
CITYWIDE catalog is now available on Amazon.
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Press for CITYWIDE:
  CITYWIDE: Capturing Philadelphia's Community
  by Becky Huff Hunter
  January 6, 2014
  Giving it Away
  by Cindy Stockton Moore
  January 9th, 2014
  Rebekah Templeton and Grizzly Grizzly process one another for Citywide art exchange
  by Chip Schwartz
  November 26, 2013
  Meta miniatures, poetry-inspired objects captivate at two Philly galleries
  by Chip Schwartz
  November 19, 2013
  When art has no story to tell, it doesn't need to make sense
  by Peter Crimmins
  November 14, 2013
  Traction Company: subTraction at Napoleon
  By Jacob Feige
  November 13th, 2013
  Mount Airy Contemporary paints Marginal Utility for Citywide
  by Chip Schwartz
  November 14, 2013
  CITYWIDE: Philadelphia's Art Scene Shows Its Brotherly Love
  Written By: Alissa Falcone
  Collective Citywide exhibit celebrates Philly's contemporary art scene
  by Peter Crimmins
  November 12, 2013
  Galleries: Lots to see, and time to see it
  Edith Newhall, For The Inquirer
  November 10, 2013
  Citywide Philadelphia Brings Collaborative Exhibitions And Discussions To More Than 25 Artist-Run Entities All Over The City, Through December 6
  Posted by Jillian Wilson
  November 4, 2013
  First Friday November: PaperClips Picks CITYWIDE
  by Kelley Stone
  October 30, 2013
  Jawnts: Opening Doors to the Public on the City's Artistic Side
  by Jake Blumgart
  October 27, 2013
  A New Model for Art World Collaboration In Philadelphia
  by Sam Seifman
  May 16, 2012
  Artists collectives joining forces in Philly for City Wide initiative
  by Peter Crimmins
  February 26, 2013



A Collaborative Project from:
Vox Populi Grizzly Grizzly Marginal Utility Tiger Strikes Asteroid
Practice NAPOLEON Little Berlin Space 1026
Fjord McCartney/Belknap Projects Rebekah Templeton Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space
Basekamp Highwire Traction Company The Soapbox
In Liquid Paradigm Gallery Magic Pictures Gallery Termite TV Collective
BYOPrint Studios Pterodactyl Art/Assembly